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Carly Skrenski [email protected]

Acting Vice-Principal:
Dawn Masson [email protected]

Secretarial Staff:
Sheri Bailey  [email protected]
Nick Nelson [email protected]

Elementary Teachers:
Christine Bermingham, Gr. 8 [email protected]
Corina Bolen, Gr. 1/2 [email protected]
Arla Bryk, Gr. 3 [email protected]
Martha Duquette, JK/SK [email protected]
Julie Ferguson, French [email protected]
Steven Korobanik, JK/SK [email protected]
Erica Lantin, Gr. 4 [email protected]
Caitlin Marusyk, SK/1 [email protected]
Marlys Morden, Gr. 5 [email protected]
Laurie Mosley, Gr. 7, French 
[email protected]
Jennifer Pagnotta, Gr. 6 [email protected]
Reisha Vos Gr. 2/3 [email protected]

Early Childhood Educators:
Melissa Miller [email protected]
Sandy Riding [email protected]

Secondary Teachers:
Eric Arner [email protected]
Graeme Bond  [email protected]
Ryan Bryk [email protected]
Pam Bujold [email protected]
Sylvie Cyr [email protected]
Sherri Dragan [email protected]
Shane Fiore [email protected]
Karen Gannon [email protected]
Kelsey Green [email protected]
Glenna Kehl [email protected]
Mike Krassey [email protected]
Lana Puumala [email protected]

Special Education Resource Teachers:
Monica Herbert, K-8 [email protected]
Sherri Dragan - Grades 9-12 [email protected]

Educational Support Staff:
Sheri Alcock [email protected]
Sarah Bjorkman [email protected]
Laura Caul [email protected]
Cas Dunnet [email protected]
Sandy Hainey [email protected]
Susan Hayes [email protected]
Karlee Lyght [email protected]
Davis Mullner [email protected]
Sherrie Mullner [email protected]
Elizabeth Presta [email protected]
Lynette Smith [email protected]
Madison Trumbla [email protected]
Jodie Warren [email protected]

Library Assistant:
Daniella Ojala [email protected]

Terry Boire
Sherry Martel
Rory Stromberg
Justin Wood

Todd Desaulniers

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