School Council

Council Description

School Councils are very important in the delivery of quality education and ensuring that parents have a voice and a way of getting involved in a child's education. We always look forward in your involvement and attendance at one of our meetings.


Council Members

Beth Fairfield, Principal

Joanne Spencer and Darryl Gannon - Co-Chairs

Jennifer Learning - Secretary

- Community Representative     

Claire and Adam Poulin - Student Representative

Sylvie Cyr - Teacher Representative

Nancy Pitura                               

Anna Fotheringham                     

Jackie King

Meeting Dates

September 12, 2017

November 7, 2017

December 12, 2017

February TBA, 2018

April TBA, 2018

May TBA, 2018

Council Minutes

May 2017 School Council Minutes

February 2017 School Council Minutes

Special Joint School Council Meeting March Minutes

Special Joint School Council Meeting February Minutes

December 2016 School Council Minutes

November 2016 School Council Minutes

September 2016 School Council Minutes




Find helpful resources and suggestions for School Councils on the RRDSB School Council page

Ministry of Education Guidelines on School Councils- (PDF)